Born in 1988, C & G Engineering Service is an engineering services company, which answers to technical services and products supplies demands of industrial branches. In addition to design and verification activities, since several years C & G Engineering Service directly supplies lifting devices, moving equipments and special machines and fittings.

In addition to the catalog models, we are able to develope pre-design and offer for fittings and devices with not-standard dimensions in few days and perform the supply in 3-4 weeks after order. Thus we do not have a serial production, we can personalize our products according to your dimensional and capacity needs, but always maintaining the highest products quality, the accordance with lifting standards and the safety law requirements.

C & G Engineering Service has qualified suppliers, as required by the ISO 9001:2000 quality qualification system. Therefore we are able to guarantee to the customer the supply of products, structures, fittings and special devices in Italy and abroad. All products are supplied with exhaustive technical documentation about use and maintainance and CE certification, as stated by the recent European directives (98/37/CE Machine Directive and updating 2006/42/CE, construction products 89/106/CE, PED, ATEX).

Version 2.0 (June 2008).


C&G Engineering Service
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